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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A good weekend/ some Bad planning

The rest of the weekend was really good too. As mentioned in the last entry, we had Dave Tudor down to stay with us for the weekend. It's been really good to spend some time with him and get to know him a whole lot better. It's all very well meeting people at the Planet Skaro meets a couple of times a year, but you never really have a chance to have a good long chat with people and really have time to get to know them well, so it was great to finally have an opportunity to chat with him... and we did lot of that!
He was really good company all weekend, very easy going, no trouble at all- just what you want from a house guest! I hope we helped a little with his new job dilemma and that he wasn't too bored having to go round Sainsburys with us on Sunday afternoon (though it was only a little trip, so it was probably OK). We took him to meet the local group at a hastily arranged meet on Sunday afternoon, he survived a visit from my sister and her family on Sunday afternoon and was still laughing when we walked to the station in the rain on Monday morning (it was somehow appropriate!)

We managed to get all his scenes in the can for the forthcoming Magical History Tour play too! That was a bit of a laugh. We'd both had a couple of pints with lunch, so we were nice and relaxed and we had great fun! There's a few outtakes, a few ad libs and one stunning moment that won't make it into the play, but might make people laugh... but I won't spoil the surprise. there was even a scene that was really emotional charged and I think the two of us played it really well and it's going to be really moving in the finished piece. I hope so anyway.

Making arrangements for Saturday has been very awkward and stressful tonight. Sometimes being obligated to do family things is a bit of a downer. I'm not sure I really want to go, but it is important that I'm there to celebrate my Mum's birthday, isn't it? Oh I don't know. I felt caught between two worlds tonight. Still, we'll have everyone over for a barbeque or something in August or sometime to make up for it or something. I feel bad though, as Steve had only sent the invites out a few hours before. Bad timing.


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