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Monday, September 29, 2008

Driving me mad

There are some things that drive me mad. Today, for instance, I've been looking for something. Something rather important that I'm going to need in three weeks time, but I can't find it anywhere. I know it's here somewhere, because it's not the sort of thing that gets thrown away, but I just can't think where I might have put it. I ended up getting cross with myself for not keeping the house tidier, but then I didn't actually do anything about it like tidy everything up or anything, I just sat and read for a while, and now I'm cross for not doing what I should done. Then I felt cross with myself for feeling guilty about not doing anything on my day off.
No way out of that one, so I'll just stop thinking about it.

I still haven't found what it is I'm hunting for. Maddeningly!

Not to worry though, there is plenty of time to track it down.

We had a nice weekend. We didn't do a great deal on Saturday except work our way through the Trial of a Time Lord DVD set (which has been fantastic, great set of extras and lovely 5.1 version of the theme that Steve will complain about me listening to more than a few times) and the usual supermarket trip and a driving lesson (and a rather good one I thought). Time that got swallowed up without doing a great deal.

Sunday we went to the Key to Time event in Chiswick. It was great! A lovely intimate convention. Lots of guests, some of whom hadn't been to a convention before, all of whom seemed to be having as wonderful a time as the fans. Very friendly and enjoyable. I don't like to single anyone out, but I have to say it was a joy to meet Susan Engel, who's performance as Vivean Fay I've always loved (and who I managed to confuse greatly by asking for a back to back photo- she thought I was mad... maybe I am!) and June Hudson, the costume designer who's work I've always admired (and celebrated in my Blake's 7 review for The Vervoid and I got a nice little anecdote from her about one costume I love of Servalan's) . I think we'll be going along to their next event too.

Today as I've said I haven't done much. Steve sounds like he's in a miserable mood, so I suppose I'd better cheer myself up a bit so I can deal with that when he gets in. Still the new Sarah Jane Adventures might be enough to cheer him a bit. I hope so. I don't think I'm in the mood for dealing with it all tonight.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Driving, theatre, planning...

I booked my theory test on Monday. Monday's lesson was very good. I've got the stage where I'm making less silly mistakes now than I was and I'm actually enjoying it. There's still quite a way to go with the driving yet, but I feel like I'm making headway. Considering I hadn't been out for three weeks when I went out on Monday morning, I thought I did quite well. Phil seemed to think so too, and I'm off out again on Saturday afternoon, so that I don't get behind with it while he's away next week.

There seems to be a lot going on at the moment. Theatre trips, conventions, gigs, visits, TV show recordings... It's all good. Lots to look forward to. We've got a free ticket through the library to see Colin Baker in Noises Off at Woking Theatre a week on Monday, which should be fun. Apparently the theatre wants to promote greater ties with the libraries in the area so they're offering each library in the borough two free tickets for their staff. So I'm up for that! There aren't many perks to the job, so you have to take the few you're offered.

I've just finished Steve's story and the book in which it is published, How the Doctor Changed My Life. I have to say the standard of the stories was really high. Indeed there seemed to be a higher hot rate of ones I enjoyed than most of the other ones I've read, oddly enough! Congratulations to all involved for a very enjoyable read.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


We've had a very relaxing holiday. Lots of just sitting in the sun, either on the balcony of the flat or by the pool, reading lots of books, chatting, drinking lots of juice or water, the occasional swim... bliss! Then out for dinner most nights, into Moraira (which is still a lovely little town, especially compared to it's neighbour Calpe)

It's funny really, we tend to people who go and do things and see places, that kind of thing, but I think we both wanted a chance just to stop. Life is generally really busy for us both and there's not much chance to actually just stop, relax and enjoy life when you're scurrying from work to meet people or busy in the evenings or whatever. So this was our time, a complete contrast to our last holiday, but good nonetheless.

It's rather decadent to realise that we've had two holidays this year! Good grief, we're becoming like Jay and Laura!
Anyway, we did have a day out and we went out and explored Valencia. What a lovely city. It was a tiring and hot day, but well worth it. I loved the City of Arts and Sciences. The buildings were absolutely stunning modern architecture- well just like I imagine buildings of the future to look, lots of glass domes:

The Aquarium was brilliant. We always seem to visit aquariums, but this one was a stand out one simply because the scale put the others to shame. It was huge! There were two glass tunnels you could walk through with the fish, sharks and turtles swimming around you, lagoons above ground with seals and walruses amongst others in them and a massive Dolphinarium, with a spectacular show several times a day. Great stuff!
There was plenty to see around the old city too and we had a good explore before heading back in the dark, up the wrong motorway!
So, as I said, we've come home tanned and relaxed, ready to get back to normal.
Sadly Steve's Gran died while we were away. I only met her once, but I remember her being very smiley and happy that day, surrounded by her family. I'm sure she is going to be very much missed.