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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Charlie Takes a Trip

Should we be packed? We're not yet!

We took Charlie off to Croxley this afternoon. I felt really mean when we put him in the box and a moment or two after we'd taped the lid up to stop him jumping out in the car, the box started to shake and he was clearly agitated about being in there. But what can you do? He had to go in there and he had to make the journey. Fortunately for us all, he had made it one piece and seemed ok after a few mionutes back in his hutch.
So now he's settled in the greenhouse at the back of Steve's parents' garden. I'm sure he's going to be well looked after- spoiled probably! And quite right too: he deserves a holiday too. He'll be just fine.

Just a day to go now. Well, less than a day really, since we'll be on the plane this time tomorrow. For along time. A very long time. But it'll all be worth it!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Trip of a Lifetime!

Just two days to go now. It's starting to hit me that we're actually going. For a long time it's seemed like it was a long way in the future; something we were looking forward to, but far in the future. Now it's here, we're not really packed and ready but I'm starting to get really excited!

Of course, us being us, we're not packed yet. There's a pile of my clothes in the spare room, sorted and ready to pack, but not yet in the back pack I got out of the cupboard earlier this evening. There's clothes around the house drying (although since they've been hanging up since Monday I'm hoping they're dry now!) that need to be sorted out too, but I'm still not sure what to take. What jumper to shirt ratio? How many jumpers? Which jacket? I've never been away on holiday for this long before, so I'm no expert... I hope it get right!

Of course there's a pile of books behind me too. Books are important on holiday. I usually get through a few. last time we went away for 10 days, I got through 8 or 9. The problem this time is that they're heavy and space/ weight is tight, so we've got to be practical. The good news is we've bought them all second hand and there are book exchanges in all the hostels we're vsiitng, so we can swap them as we go. That helps! Hope they have some things I want to read.
Got my journal to keep too. I've got out of the habit of keeping it on paper, and this is a chance to restart that. I'm rather looking forward to that!

So we're not ready yet, but we're getting there. We will be! And then we'll be off for our very own trip of a lifetime!