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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Over the weekend I put on my Terrance Dicks hat (not literally- I don't really have a Terrance Dicks hat, though if I did it would probably be gween) and had a great time script editing a forthcoming PS script. Jon Masters had written the basis of a great little story, but hadn't quite written enough and with heavy demands on his time was unable to write any more. I read what he'd done and immediately saw several ways to expand his story. There were several obvious things I wanted to do with it that jumped out at me and so I jumped in as soon as I could and volunteered my services.
I'm glad I did, as I enjoyed working on it a great deal. My head was buzzing with ideas- not all of them good or worth doing, but a fair few of them made it through to the finished story. It was just a joy to work on something that someone else had done all the hard work on and just come in and finish it off for them. It's a whole lot easier than starting your own idea and working on that!
I was ever so pleased that Jon liked what I'd done. That was the biggest worry, because you never quite know whether you're doing something that will meet with the author's approval. It wasn't my story and so I was trying to second guess Jon and keep true to his intentions. Thankfully it seems I did.
I can't wait to hear it being recorded now, as I think it's a great little story that will definitely stretch the regular cast.

I should really be writing some of my own stuff too. I've done part one of Massanicassa now, which was fun to do (and working without only a vague idea of where it needed to go too) but I need to sit down and plot the next 3 episodes properly before I go any further with it, so it doesn't stray too far in the wrong direction.
More urgently I need to write Maze of Confusion for the forthcoming CD extras, but I'm just not feeling inspired by it after my initial enthusiasm. I like the opening paragraph, but that's just a cheap crib from somewhere else... ah well, I'll keep thinking about it until I can find a way to make it work.

I also need to work out some questions to ask Paul for the making of stuff we're doing with the next batch of CDs. Fortunately I know Jon's script well now, but I need to get to grips with Martin's as well.

On other matters, I haven't been out driving since I passed yet, but I am insured on the Jazz from tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get out in the next few days. Jay is coming to to do the Xantia tomorrow, so with any luck we'll have that up and running soon too. It's all quite exciting you know.

I've been cycling the last few days. I feel quite unfit. Either that or it;s the last dregs of this four week cold bug thing dragging me down and making me out of breath. I think it's probably the first option though. Looking forward to a good weekend of walking in Wales next weekend though. That should help. Though now I can drive, maybe I'll just end up as unfit as everyone else!


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