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Saturday, January 09, 2010


Our rabbit, Charlie died this morning.

When he arrived with us almost two years ago, we didn't expect him to be with us all that long. Even then he was an old dwarf rabbit- his brother had died a year before and we really thought we'd only have him with us for six months or more.

But he went on and on!

You couldn't say he was an affectionate pet. He didn't like being held very much, he didn't even much like being stroked, but that was Charlie. We knew that and let him do what he wanted to do, which mostly seemed to be flallop around the garden, sit under the bench next to the pond, eat or glare at us from his litter tray. He was old, and grumpy, but we loved him.

So, today, about 6 months from his 10th birthday, he died with Steve cuddling him. I think I knew it was on the way. He didn't eat very much yesterday which is unusual and when I came out to feed him last night he let me pick him up and cuddle him.

I'll miss him. Miss chasing him round the garden in the morning before I head out to work, miss him clawing at the mesh as we go to feed him or let him out and miss him chasing the Robin (his arch enemy!) out of the garden.

RIP Charlie. xx