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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Charlie Takes a Trip

Should we be packed? We're not yet!

We took Charlie off to Croxley this afternoon. I felt really mean when we put him in the box and a moment or two after we'd taped the lid up to stop him jumping out in the car, the box started to shake and he was clearly agitated about being in there. But what can you do? He had to go in there and he had to make the journey. Fortunately for us all, he had made it one piece and seemed ok after a few mionutes back in his hutch.
So now he's settled in the greenhouse at the back of Steve's parents' garden. I'm sure he's going to be well looked after- spoiled probably! And quite right too: he deserves a holiday too. He'll be just fine.

Just a day to go now. Well, less than a day really, since we'll be on the plane this time tomorrow. For along time. A very long time. But it'll all be worth it!


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